Clare Strand  |  The Betterment Room: Devices
For Measuring Achievements


On view is a set of nine unique polaroid photographs from the archive of British artist Clare Strand. The piece, Original Type 55 Polaroid from the Betterment Room: Devices For Measuring Achievement, is a study examining the visual identity and behaviour of the post industrial worker, taking as a starting point the photographic time and motion studies of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. In this new study, the blithe, the willing and the compliant are equipped with appropriate mechanism and attachments, set against grids and clocks to help the study of their productive capacity. The images have an uneasy stasis, signaling that the modern activities we now call work have become more mysterious and less quantifiable. The Cyclegraph series becomes an attempt to analyse and determine the trajectories of Strand’s own activity throughout the making of the work (she straps lights to her hands while taking pictures), in an effort to make the intangible, tangible - an exercise in absurdism that nevertheless has its predetermined function - no matter how pointless.