CHRISTINA SEELY    |  terra systema . tempo



Through a series of long exposures and kinetic stills (video works), terra systema . respiro (breath) traces the interplay of light and air within the living respiratory system of the rainforest belt. terra systema . flumen (current) is a series that explores the kinetic life of melt water from the Greenland ice sheet, where Seely travelled over the course of two summers with a group of scientists from the Institute of Arctic Studies at Dartmouth College. Here, she focuses on the motion of glacial water moving through its increasing intensity, from small streams of melt to cascading, ocean-bound tributaries of exponential force. In both series, the large-scale photographic works are each made up of two layered prints: an archival vellum print on top of an archival, inkjet, base print. Together, they create a sensation of dimension and motion as the viewer moves past the image. The two series come together in terra systema . tempo, a video installation that sets footage of each region on opposite walls, placing the viewer at the center of a kinetic conversation between two ecological systems that bookend the temperate zone where most of the first world lives.