A metaphysical term, geomancy references the relationship between matter and the spiritual realm through a connection of divination and interpretation. The ability of photography to both resemble and transform the natural world reveals itself as a central inquiry in this body of work. Whereas landscape photography has long been devoted to expansive vistas and grandiosity, Lundgren focuses on the unseen and the unaccountable—objects and spaces that seem outside the field of time yet reference the history of an occupied landscape. The photographs imbue monumentality and wonder: are we looking at a pristine object from nature or a human artifact? Was this place made or was it already here?

Lundgren’s multi-layered artistic process employs manipulation within the camera, the darkroom and the computer. The resulting images illuminate the sculptural and symbolic resonance of these found objects through the two dimensional nature of the photograph. They are confrontational in their strange, stark beauty, creating an intellectual counterpoint to our idea of nature as humanity’s benefactor or Eden—a reminder that nature is indifferent to us, but we cannot afford to be indifferent to nature.

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